Books + Business = !!!!

Beautiful books with incredible photography are as appropriate in business as they are in our personal lives.  And when the book’s content is tied to the theme of the annual sales meeting or business conference, the message will be carried home and shared, instead of being passed over to the stack of handouts waiting for trash day.

Coffee table books, travel guides, celebrity cookbooks, health guides and the wide selection of self-improvement publications that offer professional advice on all manner of business skills can all be customized with informative insert pages, calendar of events or a simple logo.  The subject of the book can help support the theme of the meeting, or it can be used as part of the supporting materials for the wrap-up.

It may be tempting to consider purchasing another padfolio or writing journal for the next employee retreat, but consider that buying a book may be a way to ignite the reader’s imagination, and therefore drive more creative contributions at work.

(image via National Geographic)

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