Corporate Eye Candy

Summer sun brings ample opportunity for marketing your brand with fun flair!  Beach towels, coolers, sandals and, for those companies looking for an “in (or more appropriately, on) your face” promotional item … high quality, lightweight sunglasses.

With complete coverage of your logo, advertising designs or photo images across the entire frame, custom designed sunglasses provide a unique way to bring attention to your brand.  Not to be confused with the age-old, low quality promotional glasses that even the youngest of your customer base found unappealing, today’s choices offer UV protection, stylish frame choices and scratch-resistant lenses.

With style options that appeal to both genders and all ages, custom eyewear that protects the eyes while creatively showcasing the corporate brand is an ideal promotional product choice for sporting events, company picnics or wellness initiatives.  Bundle the glasses with a branded eyewear retainer and bottle of sunscreen, and you’ll have a summer promotional package that will shine!

(image via BrandRims)

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