Journals and Jotters and Planners … Oh My!

Even with the ever growing affection we all have for our electronic devices as the business tool of choice, there is much to be said for the value of the written word to record our meeting notes, business expenses and last-minute thoughts.  For many people, it’s faster, easier and more convenient to pull out a right-sized journal than to launch a computer device that may, or may not, be able to find a wireless network connection.  And, of course, the opportunity it offers for creative branding and custom filler pages makes it the perfect promotional item for nearly every corporate audience.

As we approach fall, it’s not too early to consider the value of a calendar that outlines upcoming events for 2013.  This type of information can be printed and inserted into a journal for valued customers.  For the next trade show, a small jotter with custom pages inserted to advertise the new product line or web site features would be a handy pocket or purse device for every recipient.  Or, consider a motivational tool for the sales team that offers a notebook to name, organize and track individual goals.

There are several style options and endless choices for creative customization.  Some to consider:

  • recycled front and back covers for the eco-conscious
  • book-bound leather with elastic privacy closure
  • full color cover with spiral bound lined paper that features a motivational message on every page
  • aluminum or paperboard front with flexible binding that offers ability to refill or reorganize notes
  • tri fold with a business card pocket, ribbon marker and elastic pen loop

There are journals and planners that appeal to gardeners, sports teams, energy consumers, wine enthusiasts and any budget-tracking individual in the home or office.  They come in many sizes, shapes and colors – and they all give the corporate procurement team a creative vehicle to support the brand.  Take the time to consider your message, and give a journal that delivers it to the messenger!

(Image via Journal Books)

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