Let The Red (Or Blue) Tape Roll

Regardless of whether your brand is mature or newly created, the path to branding success is disciplined consistency and repetition.  Those corporations that store and ship logo product through a 3rd party fulfillment program can build on that consistency with custom branded shipping tape as part of the standard packaging requirements.

For a small investment of approximately $9.00 to $11.00 per roll (110 yards per roll), your logo tape can be used to seal every package and be the first impression for each recipient.  If you consider that each 110 yard roll can seal up to 85 average size boxes, the add-on cost for each package would be approximately $0.11 – $0.13.  While that is an expense that must be considered when negotiating the final shipped product cost with the supplier, there are few things that offer the same positive first impression for this level of investment.

Custom tape colors are available, as are custom print colors, eco friendly green tape options and, for less money, standard message tapes that can express a generic message such asThank You or Seasons Greetings.  Cartons can be customized also, but the cost is higher, and the ROI wouldn’t vary much from the humble sealing tape.

Effective reinforcement of your brand can be as easy as adding colorful, creative packaging tape to your product orders.  If you haven’t discussed this idea with your program manager yet, call her or him before the busy holiday season, and get the tape rolling!

(image via ULINE)

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