The Game Of Phones

A staggering 28 percent of all car accidents in the US are caused by drivers using cell phones.  But the reality is, in this world of immediate response and faster communication, driving while talking on the phone has become a necessary part of managing our time.  One way for corporations to promote safer driving habits, while respecting the undeniable need to stay in touch, is to provide branded wireless bluetooth car speakers for an employee safety program that encourages safety outside the work space, or for client gifts that say “we care”.

Besides the obvious advantage of avoiding accidents due to cell phone distractions, there are other benefits of a bluetooth wireless speaker:

  • Portability: small and lightweight
  • Efficiency:  work seamlessly with cell phones
  • Ease of Installation: plugs into car power socket without wires or drivers

Companies with a strong focus on safety and wellness don’t always consider gift options that aren’t associated with eating and exercise habits.  But what better way to encourage smarter life choices than to encourage your employees and customers to stop playing the game of phones and get both hands back on the wheel?!

(Image via Hirsch Gift)

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