Whisper, Don’t Scream

Delivering subtle, yet effective, brand messages to the corporate target market is not often associated with typical promotional merchandise options. However, a saavy promotional merchandise provider knows when to suggest a product that whispers, rather than one that screams.

For instance, when sending a thank-you gift to key customers, consider gift options that don’t come off as yet another blaring advertisement for your company logo.  A coffee mug or duffel bag in your corporate color with a logo that is printed to the maximum imprint area allowed is less likely to impress than a keepsake National Geographic book featuring stunning photographs from famous photographers.  The book can still be customized with promotional inserts that will deliver the brand message, and then that message becomes seamless and natural instead of loud and overwhelming.  The difference between these two approaches is, the discriminating recipient will appreciate the gift and remember the giver long after some other vendor’s coffee mug has been placed in the company break room.

Subtle branding drives a more thoughtful response. It’s not in-your-face or shouting so loud that your customer is tempted to walk away.  It’s a bit complex and somewhat intellectual, and the products that carry that message should have the same qualities.  Products that are designed to scream the corporate tidings work well for large, uninformed audiences.  But for that slightly more sophisticated customer base, try whispering – it almost always makes us want to lean in a little closer.

(image via National Geographic)

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