Pens … We Never Have Enough!

spectrum penBecause of their mass appeal, writing instruments remain one of the most popular giveaways for corporate marketing events, ranking third in market share of all branded merchandise sales, right behind t-shirts and bags.  To feed the world of pen-hungry recipients, pen style options range from the mundane stick pen to the 14K gold executive fountain pen, with styles and price points to suit every taste and budget.

Financial institutions have long known the power of the pen, giving away countless basic pens in brand specific colors with logos and tag lines that remind the recipient where to go for their next loan.  Entertainment and media giants use pens that allow for multiple rolling messages to advertise their shows, web sites and concert dates.  For companies that work with art establishments and the creative community, The Museum of Modern Art in New York and a well-known promotional merchandise supplier have collaborated to produce pens that showcase innovative materials and embrace MoMA’s design sensibility…simple, good design.

To increase their appeal, pens can be packaged with other promotional items to drive home a marketing campaign or internal corporate initiative.  A pen combined with a business portfolio isn’t exactly unique – but what about a group of low-cost colorful pens in a coffee cup as a welcome gift for new employees?  or a stylus pen with every new touch-screen device?  or a high-end personalized pen combined with a framed award certificate for top performers?

There is a large culture of people who love their pens.  Pens that have fine or thick tips; pens with rubber grips that make writing more comfortable; pens that light up for reading in low light; or maybe just a pen that fits exactly right into the inside pocket of our jackets or purses.   For countless reasons, we never have enough pens.  So the next time a corporate buyer considers pens for a gift or promotion, it’s a good idea to take the time to explore all the ways to make this otherwise ordinary item extraordinary!

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