Time Is On Your Side

watch1.2 billion watches are sold annually worldwide.  Watches are a fashion statement for some and a practical timekeeper for others.  They range from the high end classics used for gifts for top employees and important clients, to the nearly disposable styles that are popular with the younger crowd.

Invented at the end of the 19th century, naysayers had predicted the demise of the watch with the explosive growth of clock-equipped cell phones.  However,  in recent years watches have had a resurgence in popularity.  Flashy, bulky watches show up on runways; retro watches are all the rage after the success of shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire; and watch companies like Movado are all coming out with styles that offer bright colors and high tech capabilities.  For many people, a new watch is a fashion necessity.

Considering these trends, corporate marketing departments should consider that a fun, creative watch could be the outside-the-box item that creates a solid brand bond with their customers.  The logo can be big and bold on the face of the watch, or in a more subtle location like the band or the back.  Materials range from stainless steel to plastic, and the color palettes are broad enough to suit any company’s brand color.

The days of waiting to give a watch until your employees retire are long gone.  Today’s watches are a good choice for fundraising events, university promotions, reward programs and recruiting efforts.  Prices range from $5.00 up to several hundred dollars, and are creatively styled to appeal to any demographic.  For your next promotion, what would be better than giving the gift of time!


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