Continuity Programs Grow Business

contin progContinuity programs are often associated with the marketing model of automatic billing for receiving monthly shipments of popular products like the lifestyle beauty and grooming samples offered by Birchbox; paid subscriptions to informative on-line newsletters; or annual renewal services like Amazon Prime’s free shipping program.  In the corporate world, successful continuity programs are built with a combination of targeted communication tools and well-considered promotional products in order to attract, engage and retain loyal customers.

Marketing 101 taught us that consistent communication helps build brand equity, so the communication should be ongoing.  Create branded marketing materials, or touchpoints, that are unique to your program and client base.  Design a carefully timed calendar for sending that communication and follow it up with a personal call or visit.

To compliment the marketing materials, select a few creative promotional products that can be easily mailed and will provide a merchandising message that builds on the program goals.

A few examples:

  • Message:  We care about your health
  • Product options:  stretching bands; pedometer; water bottle holder; stress reliever; hand sanitizer; foil pack pill opener
  • Message:  We want to be your financial institution
  • Product options:  credit card shape flash drive; identity protector card holders; pocket pro brochure for managing finances; magnifier ruler with mutual fund/stock listing financial guide markings
  • Message:  Let us care for your pet
  • Product options:  dog food lid; poopy pet bag dispenser; foldable pet travel bowl; reflector id tag; paw luggage tag

Continuity programs grow business by keeping your company front-of-mind with your prospects and customers.  The hardest part is getting started – call your promotional products partner today to talk about the possibilities!






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