Give The Gift Of Time

K-C1703Despite the attack of innovation from the technology industry on the sales of timepieces, a cleverly styled clock is still one of the best corporate recognition gifts for key clients or valued employees.  Styles like the Kikkerland Hourglass Desk Clock or the retro-inspired Shinola Runwell Desk Clock are just two examples of the success of creative design techniques that combine utilitarian gadgets like a clock with the delightful discovery of an imaginative form.

Although it’s true that everyone has a clock on their computer, their phone and almost every appliance in their kitchen – desk clocks, mantle clocks and/or wall clocks can be found in every home or office.   The ease of just “looking up” to see the time will never be replaced by the tapping, swiping and scrolling of our now-indispensable tech gadgets.  But just another boring clock that tells the time without giving any joy is an uninspired approach to a corporate gift choice.

Corporate gift-giving should be about giving the recipient an item that they may not think to purchase for themselves, but are thrilled to receive.  It should be something that reminds them of the giver, and is practical enough to be used in everyday life.  Just-for-display items like crystal bowls or glass vases are not what the current generation of Millenials and GenX’ers want.  Those are the things that are increasingly finding their way into the Goodwill stores and eBay sites.

A quick glance at an eye-catching clock – with a corporate logo, of course –  will always be a fun reminder of your company and its creative culture.  Those items that combine form, function and delight are available for your next recognition opportunity – you just have to remember that if the item doesn’t inspire you, it’s unlikely to excite anyone else.