Drink Up, Ladies!

mugsAccording to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, “In aggregate, women represent a growth market bigger than China and India combined—more than twice as big, in fact. Given those numbers, it would be foolish to ignore or underestimate the female consumer.”   Ergo, when considering the next branded giveaway aimed at a female audience, it would be wise to look at the product category that is nearly twice as popular with women as it is with men:  branded drinkware.

Branded drinkware has long been a popular option as a corporate promotional giveaway, but in recent years the advertising specialty suppliers have stepped up their game in terms of styles, color choices and materials.

  • Mugs:  ceramic, acrylic or glass mugs are offered in shapes and colors designed to hold any type of coffee concoction the local barista can whip up
  • Sport bottles:  made from aluminum, BPA-free plastic and collapsible polyethylene, and are constructed in sizes perfect for the serious bikers, casual sports enthusiasts or students’ backpacks
  • Stadium cups:  still available in paper, plastic or Styrofoam (not my recommendation), have been reimagined to accommodate the sports team tailgaters as well as the sippy cup toddlers

In consideration of capturing the highest return on the investment, marketing and procurement teams may want to read on for a few more statistics to help provide further insight into this popular promotional product category.

What percentage of U.S. consumers own branded drinkware?

  • 21%

What age group owns the most branded drinkware?

  • 21-34:  25%
  • 35-44:  20%
  • 45-54:  20%
  • 55+:     19%

Where is the drinkware most likely to be used?

  • Office:  39%   Home:  39%

Branded drinkware joins the ranks of the most widely used promotional merchandise, particularly with young women.  Next time your company wants to target this powerful market segment, think about drinks!