Boost Brand Visibility At Outdoor Events

tentFrom festivals to trade shows, your summer marketing efforts take you to a variety of places with changing outdoor environments.  Hot summer sun and unexpected rain showers are always part of the summer exhibitor experience.  But while moving your company road show outdoors can be challenging for your team, the reason you attend these events in the first place is to gain brand exposure and increase customer loyalty.

The perfect solution for both maximizing brand visibility and protecting you from the elements is a custom pop-up tent.  Eye-catching graphics on the top and sides of an outdoor tent broadcasts your logo and showcases your corporate colors with canopy fabric to match every brand.  Cooling fans, beverage coolers, raffle displays and product sales are all easy to manage under the protection of a custom canopy.

A display tent over your table also gives your customers an easy-to-see way to find you, and your team an on-location home base.  Rather than renting a generic white or beige tent that blends in with all the others, custom tents will stand out and silently beckon the wandering show attendees.

Pop-up tents are easy to assemble and easy to tear down, with travel cases that make it simple to store.  Sizes and styles can be customized, and sides can be added for more protection and the ultimate in brand exposure.  You can order as few as one piece and switch out canopies to advertise distinctive marketing messages for different events.

Custom canopy tents are a cost-effective way to improve your summer display at the upcoming warm-weather events.  Now is the time to choose the perfect tent to put a spotlight on your company as you bring your show on the road.