New Year, New Approach

It’s early January, and I already feel like I’m behind!  On January 1, I wrote down only one resolution:  Approach everything I do DIFFERENTLY!  Well, here I am, doing the same thing I always do when I start a new project – sweating the details, instead of diving into the heart of the engagement and letting the details fall into place later.  So, in the spirit of a different approach, the details around this blog design may need a little tweaking as time goes by, but the heart of the message today is a new approach to reaching your customer base.

While there’s nothing new about using social media as part of a corporate marketing strategy, it is worth noting that it’s not enough to just build a corporate presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  If you haven’t made it a priority to update posts at least once each day with engaging stories, then it’s unlikely you’ll attract a following beyond your internal marketing department and their moms (maybe).  Keep in mind, most of your customers won’t care if the sales people went to another industry trade show in Las Vegas – but it might be fun (and relevant) to hear about the warehouse team breaking all records for most packages shipped in a day.

Multiple people in the organization can contribute, which will lessen the burden of a single author, and will provide the added benefit of presenting various points of view.  You’re bound to get perspectives that you hadn’t considered, and the information will be more interesting to the different readers you hope to attract.

Now go find those Tweeters and Facebook followers in your organization and ask them to add the same spice to your corporate site that they are already giving to their personal accounts on their lunch break.(within reason, of course!)

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