Bag Lady

Building on the earth-friendly trend to recycle, reuse and reduce, the demand for reusable bags is greater than ever.  Regardless of where we go, we see more people (yes, that includes men) using the bags they got from the grocery store, the department store, and every other store that is working to build their brand through the purchase of inexpensive polypropylene bags with their brand emblazoned on both sides.  While these bags are easy on the corporate budgets for large give aways, there are a multitude of more creative options for those hard-to-impress key customers.

One of my favorite choices in this category is the BUILT brand of neoprene bags and totes.  Chic, stylish and functional, the recipient will gladly substitute this bag for any of the dozens of grocery store totes in their car trunks.  The wet suit material stretches to accomodate far more than just the essentials, which of course will include your latest marketing materials highlighting the new 2012 products and services they can’t live without.  Company logos can be applied to keep your name front and center, and many other complimentary product choices in this line can be given later to support an ongoing continuity program.

This one will certainly be the icing on the cake for your most discerning clients!

(image via BUILT)

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