Opinions Matter

Companies are generally very good at reaching out to customers when they’re ready to sell their products or services, but often forget about the value of client input when designing market strategy.  The money spent on flyers, email blasts, advertising media and promotional merchandise that raise buyer awareness may be better spent after an audience survey provides insight into customer satisfaction, purchasing habits or lifestyle choices.

No need to rely solely on internal discussions around “what’s the next hot thing” when you can proactively drive your business forward with quality data collected from a focused audience.  SurveyMonkey is an online tool that helps businesses and individuals build and analyze online surveys.  Take the guess work out of new product launches, identify industry specific trends or get a true sense of your customer satisfaction level.  You can even design a survey around company dress code, or plan better events by learning the attendees preferences and interests.  And just so you can prove that the idea you had about putting your company logo on stress balls shaped like Smart Cars was a good one, you can put all data into professional charts and graphs for sharing at the next internal brainstorming meeting.

Ask all the questions you want to know – the answers might surprise you!  If “Knowledge is Power” (Francis Bacon), then why wouldn’t we want our marketing efforts to be more powerful?

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