Drink Up

Regardless of how many beverage beakers we have at home or in the offfice, we always seem to want one more for the road.  Our favoite national coffee house chain made the acrylic straw tumbler a must-have obsession in 2011 with it’s ability to keep cold drinks cold without spilling, and the added bonus of a reusable plastic straw that never bends, breaks or pulls out of the lid.  This is a much-improved version of the timeless soda fountain cups.

Now, the saavy corporate event planner can take this idea a step further with interesting cup designs and creative packaging.  Why not fill this peppermint straw cup with red M&M’s imprinted with your company logo?  Or stuff it with a red t-shirt in support of the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women movement in February?

The recipient will not only appreciate your obvious command of new product trends, this will become their favorite way to hydrate, giving your brand more bang for the “promotional buck”!

(image via Leeds)

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