Stick It

In a high tech world where we need an advanced education just to turn on our tv’s, it’s good to know there are some things that are still functional, easy to use and (yes, it’s true) FUN!  Who hasn’t used the classic silver duct tape to hold an old book together or close up the hole in our favorite duffel bag?  As often happens in the world of promotional merchandise, this timeless fix-it-all tool is now available in several colors with custom packaging and imprinted core.   Every company has a message that can benefit from the reinforcing directive of “stick with it”!  This is one item that will go home with the recipient, and shout that message from every dripping pipe, wobbly stool leg and, amazingly, the leaking ductwork that started this craze to begin with!

(image via Duct Tape Promotions)

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