Road Warrior Sidekick

Responding to emails on the road shouldn’t carry the risk of mistakes because of fat fingers!  The stylish and popular iPads make it easier to stay in touch, but it’s difficult for many people to work on a touch screen keyboard.  For those users, a Bluetooth-activated keyboard is just the ticket!

Ultra-thin and lightweight, the Island-style keyboard with built-in wireless Bluetooth capability is a high-tech accessory that will quickly become the must-have item for corporate travelers. It’s easy to use with a built-in rechargeable battery, and the special HOME screen allows for one-touch access to a variety of applications.  To advertise your company’s understanding and appreciation for technology, a corporate logo can be added to the aluminum cover as an effective reminder for the recipient, and anyone else within visual range of the dedicated road warrior.

Encourage and support ease of communication with this tech tool the next time you’re considering an employee recognition award or customer appreciation gift.

(image via Pingline)

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