Go Fly A Kite

Kites have probably been in existence for over 25 centuries, with people of all ages flying them 1,000 years before paper was invented.  With its universal fascination and the irresistable exhilaration of using wind to defy gravity, the kite is a perfect product to showcase a summertime corporate campaign or event.

Today’s kites can be eco-friendly, made from silk, bamboo struts and cotton string with full color photographic quality images, or a 3D shape inspired by a company logo, musical instrument, tech tool, or almost any other form that brings life to the marketing message.  The quality of the image could easily tempt the recipient to hang this iconic teathered aircraft on a wall as poster art,  but more than likely the call of the outdoors and a gentle wind will persuade women and men … young and old … corporate exec or stay-at-home mom to go fly a kite.  Just be sure when they do, it’s your corporate message that’s soaring!

(image via The Art Kite)

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