You CAN Judge A Book By Its Cover

Creative packaging can set your company and your brand apart from all the other marketing clutter competing for the attention of your customers.  Like savvy advertising campaigns, inventive packaging for your promotional product will capture the attention of the recipient.

One clever way to present a direct mail piece is this double-door book style mailer that is digitally printed on the entire sleeve and shrink wrapped for worry-free shipping.  Pens, flash drives, and flashlights are a few of the items that can be inserted into this packaging, and with the generous space available for printing, presenting your information in an original way is limited only by your imagination.

As pointed out in a March, 2012  Forbes  article on the value of direct mail marketing, “physical media” – AKA direct mail – leaves a ‘deeper footprint’ in the brain …” than those media vehicles of the digital variety.  And in today’s competitve world where first impressions are often the ones that count the most, when allocating marketing budget dollars, innovative packaging options should be an essential part of the total investment.  In this case, judging a book by its cover is a good thing!

(Image via Bentcil)

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