Good For The Corporate Soul

Rewarding and motivating employees should be an ongoing, ever-evolving priority for all corporations, regardless of the number of associates or size of the budget.  If we assume that most enlightened management teams understand this important fact of corporate life, then the only question left to ponder is what types of incentives are just as satisfying to give as they are to receive.

For many in today’s new workplace reality of working longer hours with less support staff and higher stress, the gift of wellness is a perfect solution. When taking care of business also means taking care of employees’ health, the opportunity to select a relaxation massage, facial or sauna from the local spa facility represents a progressive view of how to build an incentive program for today’s workforce.  These programs can be as simple as enlisting the services of a professional massage organization that will come on-site and provide chair massages for ten to twenty minutes.  Highly focused therapeutic neck and shoulder therapy during an employee’s break will reduce aches and pains, which can only help increase morale and productivity.

But whether a relaxation package is part of a more sophisticated reward program, or just a one-time gesture of appreciation, it’s proven that when employees thrive, businesses thrive.  So it makes perfect sense that what’s good for the corporate soul is also good for business!

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