Low Price Losers

costBranded merchandise doesn’t have to be expensive to have a high perceived value, just as high prices don’t guarantee quality.  It is the job of your corporate supplier partners to introduce you to product options in all price categories that will enhance your company brand and carry the message of quality, creativity and reliability that most firms want their customers to see in their own products and services.

Distributing quality merchandise, regardless of the price point, should be one of the most important considerations for corporate marketing and procurement departments.  There are thousands of well-made low-cost items in the advertising specialty industry that can improve brand awareness.  However, there are just as many inexpensive giveaways that are poorly made and/or have little or no value for the recipient.  So why consider those options just because they are cheap?  After all, if the gift you decide to give is discarded immediately, why give it at all?

I have listed below a few of my favorite low-cost promotional items, and have followed that list with the same number of low price losers that I recommend leaving off your list of options for the next giveaway.


  1. Pen/Stylus:  Less than $1.00.  You never have enough!  Available in multiple colors with double duty practical applications for writing and working on a touch screen device.
  2. Anti-Slip Phone Sticker:  Less than $2.00.  Keep that phone in place!  Full color digital graphics on phone grip that comes attached to a full color marketing card.
  3. Laser Cut Acrylic Magnet:  Less than $1.50.  Creative approach to a classic!  Available in custom shapes with full color graphics, and inexpensive to mail.
  4. Neoprene Can Cooler:  Less than $1.00.  Especially in the summer!  Multiple colors and decoration options from camo pattern to rhinestones.
  5. Hand Sanitizer:  Less than $1.50.  Everyone uses it!  Full color label graphics available on a variety of container options from small bottles to credit card shape.


  1. Small Plastic Toys:  Choking hazards are never good!
  2. Scented Anything:  So many people are sensitive to smells and additives, it’s safer to choose unscented products made from natural ingredients.
  3. Inferior Tools:  Tools that break under the pressure of using them are frustrating for the user and a poor reflection on the giver.
  4. Low-Grade Speakers:  Speakers are meant to improve sound, not drive the listener to turn it off!
  5. Open Cell Foam:  Fingers, balls, hats.  These things are cheap for a reason!  For the tournament game, go with a noisemaker or rally towel for close to the same investment.

Creative marketing giveaways can be found at every price point.  Be sure to enlist a supplier partner who understands the merchandise as well as the budget.  Your customer will be glad you did!

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