Scratch And Win Customers

scratch off Marketing your brand should be fun for you, and more importantly, for your customer.  Grabbing the attention of increasingly savvy customers who can easily choose to tune out advertising messages is difficult without an integrated approach that pulls clients in, rather than just pushing the message out.

One way to pull those clients in is with a scratch-off game campaign.  This inexpensive, versatile marketing tool owes its popularity to the lottery games that made it famous.  But today it can be customized for any industry and aimed at audiences of every age, gender or ethnic background.  The element of chance and surprise draw the customers in, and once there, the sales team can inform, consult and sell those products and services that make up your brand.  The cards can be distributed in various ways, such as direct-mail campaigns or gift-with-purchase promotions.  The point is, everyone loves a chance to win!

Some of the more popular scratch-off promotions are described below.

  • Bank Promotions:   increase customer accounts & deposits;  new branch opening awareness;  employee incentives;  increase loan application
  • Prize Ideas:    rate reduction;  loan application fee rebate;  new account deposit bonus;  branded gift items
  •  Trade Show Marketing:  motivate attendees to stop by booth;  capture new contact information;  gain early information on upcoming new projects
  • Prize Ideas:   branded gift items;  meal coupon at local restaurant;  spa service at hotel
  • Employee Wellness Programs:  boost participation in community wellness programs;  reward hitting fitness target;  motivate participation in wellness seminars
  • Prize Ideas:  workout clothes;  water bottles;  gym bags;  healthy recipe books 

Today’s always-connected consumer is besieged with advertising messages through every conceivable media vehicle.   The company that finds creative ways to market their brand with different types of media will win customers, increase sales and improve profits.

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