Skimping On Quality Incentives? Quality Employees Will Lose Interest

1-skimping-on-business-plan-ssTaking care of the people who help grow and expand your organization is essential in a corporate world that is becoming short on quality employees willing to stay with an organization longer than a few years.  Therefore, when executing an incentive program, it’s important to keep product quality and gift variety front of mind when considering award options.  One size definitely does not fit all, and regardless of the program budget, the quality of the items offered should be considered the core of the program itself.

Keeping in mind that quality merchandise comes in all price categories, there are ways to design an incentive program product selection that suits your audience as well as the expense guidelines that should have been defined at the beginning of this process.  Also, creative thinking can enhance a program by incorporating more than just gift items into the plan.   Bonus vacation days, local spa and restaurant gift cards … one firm even created cardboard cutouts of actual employees to build excitement … are all ideas that can heighten excitement and increase participation.

If the budget calls for gift tiers that start at $10.00 and top out at $50.00, then be sure to select items that the participants will recognize as the best $10.00 item available.  For instance, a simple water bottle is a cost effective item, but be sure to consider a bottle brand that most employees will recognize as the best water bottle on the market.  The same strategy applies to all price points – it’s better to select gifts that are seen in the retail market with well-known, well-respected brand names than to offer a lower cost item that looks like every other logo product on the market.

A few examples of brand name items, in the $10.00 – $50.00 price range, that can be sourced in the incentive market and branded (or not) with the company logo:

  • Camelbak® Sports Bottle
  • Stanley® Insulated Beverage Bottle
  • Moleskine® Notebook
  • Built® Neoprene Wine Bottle Holder
  • High Sierra® Backpack
  • Woolrich® Blanket

Your employees are the key to continued organizational growth and success.  Let them know you recognize their value with a quality incentive program that reflects the quality of those individuals.

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