Fore! The Love Of Golf

golf gloveAccording to the National Golf Foundation, there are over 29,000,000 golfers in the United States, with an average annual household income of $95,000.  In consideration of the popularity of the sport and the purchasing power of those individuals, corporate marketers continue to add their logo to everything from golf balls to golf gloves in an effort to increase brand awareness.

And why not?  The statistics give us a picture of a demographic that most companies, regardless of their product or service, would be pleased to attract.  The profile of the average golfer describes a mostly male demographic at an average age of 46, attended and/or graduated college and owns at least one home.  Insurance companies, financial institutions, automobile manufacturers and the travel industry are just a few of the corporate entities that would have a reason to distribute branded golf merchandise through an annual sponsored tournament or just as a leave-behind when visiting key customers.

Want to know more about the golf enthusiasts in your target audience?  Read on for a little more insight into where they may be spending their money in the next 12 months.

Golfer Purchase Plans:

  • 53% Golf equipment
  • 47% Automobile purchase/lease
  • 40% Financial planning
  • 59% Banking
  • 46% Computer Hardware
  • 46% Continuing education/training
  • 84% travel/vacation
  • 33% Furniture/home furnishings
  • 37% Legal/consulting services
  • 45% Health/auto/life insurance
  • 48% Office equipment

Golf is a year-round sport in the warmer climates, and goes into full swing for the rest of us in the next few months.  Those individuals who never have enough golf balls for the tall  grass in the rough and the watery graves of the water holes are the same people with purchasing power.  Start now with plans to consider some of the creative new golf products that can increase your brand’s visibility with the golfers in your target market.

(Image via Ball Pro)

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