Employees Want To Chill Out

ac550_imprintAs summer approaches, companies may be looking for ways to motivate and reward employees right at that critical time when many people enter a mid-year slump.  Maybe it’s the long wait between a short Easter break and the next one over Christmas.  Or, the company may have had a sluggish financial start to the year , and making that up seems like a daunting task after what seems like a short breather from the previous end-of-year push.  Whatever the reason, as managers search for creative motivators, this time of year brings lots of great options.

In an effort to encourage activities that renew energy levels during non-working hours, consider offering incentive gifts that inspire backyard fun, family vacations (at home or away) or just an afternoon at the ball park.  Some good options, suited to fit varying corporate budgets, are listed below.

  • Coolers:  From the high end 54 quart steel belted cooler to the humble 6-pack lunch box cooler, nobody has enough.
  • Sport Chairs:  Tripod mini stools, game day event chairs, or folding lounge chairs offer a break from the action.
  • Blankets:  Stadium blankets, travel throws that fold into a pillow for comfort on the plane, and executive picnic blankets keep the outdoors more comfortable.
  • Grilling Tools:  Grill mitts, stainless tool set, and small tailgate grills are essentials for every summer-loving family.
  • Beach/Pool Necessities:  Beach towels, beach bags, and insulated lunch bags all make down-time by the water more enjoyable.

Motivating and rewarding valuable employees shouldn’t happen just at the end of the year.  It should be a practice that is fluid and creative, and executed on a monthly or a quarterly timetable.  As we approach mid-year, consider ways to reward employees with gifts that encourage and inspire the renewed energy levels that will help drive the company towards a successful second half of the year!





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