Power Branding With Calendars

calendarSurprisingly or not, branded calendars are not obsolete!  Wall calendars with corporate product images that highlight each month; desk calendars with pre-printed corporate event dates;  or pocket calendars that a sales team can use for recording expenses are all part of the stable of popular calendar items that continue to sell out every year.

Of course, everyone still relies on their smartphones for keeping customer appointments and internal meetings front of mind.  Who doesn’t love those screen reminders and dinging notices when it’s time to go?  But for many people, there’s still nothing like a beautifully printed physical calendar that keeps the entire week and/or month front of mind.

And there is power in that front-of-mind branding opportunity.  Consider some of the benefits a branded calendar brings to your marketing efforts.

  • Visibility.  Your company brand is on display every day.  When your customer displays that calendar, that person, along with everyone else who sees it, thinks of your company.  Every day … all year.
  • Personality.  The images that are printed on that calendar reflect what your company represents.  Whether it’s cars for an auto dealership or creative building structures for an architectural firm, a calendar will become your year-long calling card.
  • Value.  Calendars offer a low cost way to reach and impress your customers.  With a product that is kept all year, your advertising dollars are maximized well beyond other items that may be discarded after a few weeks, or even a few days.  Cookie towers given to health-conscious recipients come to mind.

NOW is the time to think about branded calendars.  Let the first, and best, calendar your customers receive for 2017 be the one with your logo on it!


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