Stay Stylish And Carry On

life save bagDuffel bags are no longer just an accessory to carry your gear to and from the gym.  Not just a tube that you stuff your clothes, towel and water bottle into, the style and function of today’s duffel bags make them a must-have piece of your travel bag collection.

Let’s start with style.  There are various sizes, but all duffels have the same basic shape and features.  So, the first thing that will set your branded duffel apart from all the other bags in your customers’ closets will be the outward appearance.  A bright bag with an all-over custom decoration will stand out and be noticed.  A collage of company product images; nature scenes promoting eco-conscious initiatives; or a picture of a person, animal or thing that serves as the company mascot would stand out and grab the attention of anyone who sees it.  Brand visibility being one of the main objectives of any marketing team means style is key.

Regarding function, duffel bags can be as simple or complex as your budget allows.   Zippered pockets, shoe pockets, padded shoulder pads, laptop sleeves and rolling wheels are all available for a price.  And for business travelers, these types of functional options are a must.  However, for the average recipient, who will likely use this bag for road trips, pool or beach days, and gym gear, a simple, lightweight design with a zip top opening, carry handles and a shoulder strap are all that’s needed.

Duffel bags remain a practical carryall for most people.  If you take the time to consider a custom decoration that will stand out in the crowd, your brand will get carried on.



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