The Coolest Can Coolers

metallic-kan-tastic-koozies-x20203Neoprene beverage coolers have come out of the dark ages.  Though they have been around for decades, until the last few years the colors and style options of branded can coolers have been dull and predictable.  But times have changed.  Those can coolers at the bottom of the kitchen drawer or stuffed in the back of the car glove box don’t look anything like many of today’s styles.

Metallics are a new twist on this classic giveaway, but that’s just the beginning.  How about a cooler shaped like a cowboy boot, construction boot, sneaker or fish?  or one made out of genuine leather, burlap, denim  or t-shirt jersey material?

There are can coolers equipped with bottle openers and styles that are designed to look like any number of sports balls … golf balls, basketballs, footballs, etc.  Slap can coolers are a take-off on the popular slap bracelets, and are easily wrapped around a can in the same way.  Can coolers can be decorated in full color imprints, and there are styles with handles that make it easier to hang on to that drink!

You have a beverage in a container other than a 12 oz can?  No problem!  There are sizes to accommodate 16 oz and 24 oz cans; bottles of varying sizes; plastic stadium cups; and even growlers.

Summer is here, and with hot days come cold drinks.  It’s time to take another look at can coolers for your next corporate giveaway.


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