Books Are Freaking Great!

freakingMy best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read.” –Abraham Lincoln

Companies, like friends, can demonstrate how much they care about customers and employees by giving the right book.  For every individual, departmental team, or entire associate base, there is a book that can carry your message.

From bestsellers to cookbooks – adult coloring books to travel books – this gift category offers far-reaching options for any audience.  Books can be given to inspire, reduce stress, motivate top performance, make the next generation smarter, promote health & wellness, or even to just get the party started!

And if giving books is so smart, adding your brand and message is even smarter.  Customization options include:

  • Cover Imprint:  Reinforce your brand by adding a logo and message to the front cover
  • Promo-Page Inserts:  Custom design an information page that is glued-in to the book – personal letter, photographs, advertisement or contact information are all excellent content for this insert
  • Belly-Band Wrap:  Make a bold statement by wrapping your logo & message around the outside of the book
  • Custom Book Jacket:  Create your own custom book jacket featuring your unique full-color artwork

For nearly the same price as a t-shirt, water bottle or duffle bag, you can give a customized book.  Do it!  your company may find the recipients to be as grateful as a new best friend.

Under The Corporate Umbrella

There are few products better than a custom designed umbrella that offer such a high profile billboard for your corporate brand.  Everyone needs one (or in most cases, two or three), but few corporations consider the opportunity this simple accessory offers for all-over customization that transforms a basic umbrella into a work of advertising art.

When you consider how many places the recipient will use this gift – running to the office on the busy streets; sitting at sports activities; walking around the neighborhood; or standing at the bus stop – it becomes clear how many other potential customers will be nearby to view and appreciate the marketing message.  Customization options range from all-over print designs on the fabric panels (inside and out) to carved handles and color matched frames.  And if the design is applied to a well-built umbrella with wind-resistant construction, the customer will be able to weather the storms for years, rather than send it to a landfill after the first gust of downtown wind turns it inside out!

As with all fully customized products, a winning design takes an open mind, production expertise and TIME (this isn’t something that can be delivered in time for next month’s new product launch).  But with the right vendor partner and creative graphics, a basic everyday item invented over 4,000 years ago can become a corporate canopy that makes a bold statement!

(image via AAA Umbrella)