Books Are Freaking Great!

freakingMy best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read.” –Abraham Lincoln

Companies, like friends, can demonstrate how much they care about customers and employees by giving the right book.  For every individual, departmental team, or entire associate base, there is a book that can carry your message.

From bestsellers to cookbooks – adult coloring books to travel books – this gift category offers far-reaching options for any audience.  Books can be given to inspire, reduce stress, motivate top performance, make the next generation smarter, promote health & wellness, or even to just get the party started!

And if giving books is so smart, adding your brand and message is even smarter.  Customization options include:

  • Cover Imprint:  Reinforce your brand by adding a logo and message to the front cover
  • Promo-Page Inserts:  Custom design an information page that is glued-in to the book – personal letter, photographs, advertisement or contact information are all excellent content for this insert
  • Belly-Band Wrap:  Make a bold statement by wrapping your logo & message around the outside of the book
  • Custom Book Jacket:  Create your own custom book jacket featuring your unique full-color artwork

For nearly the same price as a t-shirt, water bottle or duffle bag, you can give a customized book.  Do it!  your company may find the recipients to be as grateful as a new best friend.

Create A Great Gift Experience

powerbeats-2-feature-image-OEvery conference, sales meeting and industry trade show provides an opportunity to impress the audience with creative presentations, new product offerings and unique giveaways.  In most cases, the giveaways are small items decorated with the company logo and selected to support the brand message.  However, in some instances, a higher quality lifestyle item is chosen as the best way to yield big rewards when aiming to improve motivation and loyalty.

Many studies on the best incentive motivators have proven that gifts achieve a higher return on employee productivity and customer loyalty than cash.  But there are ways to improve on the gift experience that goes beyond just selecting the item you feel best speaks to your audience.  When the budget allows for premium gifts like Ray Ban sunglasses, Tommy Bahama watches and Beats headphones, there is also the opportunity to have an on-site product selection that gives the recipients the ability to choose their style, color and size, and then walk away with their gift.

These types of packages are available at all budget levels, and with many different product options.  A supplier representative manages the process from setting up the display; to helping guests decide on choice; and finally tearing down and “magically” disappearing after all gifts have been distributed.  The only thing left for your management team will be to enjoy the rest of the event and the gratitude that comes from your guests.

An interactive gift experience creates excitement well beyond the gift itself.  It feels like a shopping spree – a party – a unique chance to come together as a team and participate in the celebration of a job-well-done.   The next time you have an opportunity to consider an employee incentive gift, think beyond the award and create an unforgettable experience your employees will remember!