Embrace The Rain

622-MMRain might be a nuisance if you’re planning a picnic or attending the opening day of baseball season, but, as a vital part of our existence, everyone agrees rain is a good thing. Humans, animals, vegetation, lakes, oceans and farmlands all need the water that comes from rain. And at this time of year it’s particularly plentiful, so why not embrace the rain and all the opportunities it brings for increased brand awareness.

Rainy-day gear may not be the first thing companies think about when planning for a marketing giveaway, but many times it’s the just the thing that everyone needs, and don’t think to buy until they get caught in a rainstorm.  Be the brand that protects your customers and consider some of these popular gifts for staying dry.

  • Umbrellas:  From purse-size models to double-canopy golf umbrellas, there is a style and price for every audience.
  • Rain Jacket:  Available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes, and offered in several different colors to support any corporate or school identity.
  • Rain Pants:  For serious golfers, rain paints are a must!
  • Poncho:  These handy rain protectors come in single-use, disposable material for a one-time event, or in durable PVC for a lifetime of use.
  • Rain Hat:  Bucket or cap style hats for men and women come in water resistant fabrics that work well for any outdoor sporting event.

At your next corporate outing, team-building event or community outreach, give branded rain gear so everyone can embrace the rain!

(Image via AAA Innovations)

Maximum Brand Benefit Through Minimalist Approach

Minimalism brings the simplest and fewest elements together to create the maximum effect.  When building a corporate brand through a promotional merchandise program, the motto less is more becomes a good guide for product selection.

I have always encouraged clients to narrow choices for logo products in their on-line stores to those items that are needed often and must be delivered quickly.  When making the initial product selection, the program administrators are working hard to please all the internal buyers.  Since the premise for the program generally begins with centralized buying for this category of spend, it is always tempting to create a long list of items that presumably appeals to everyone in the organization.  But while the intention is noble, the outcome often creates unnecessary inventory obsolescence and expensive year-end product buyouts.

Stock items should be limited to essentials like pens, padfolios, t-shirts or inexpensive give-aways that are often ordered at the last minute for meetings, trade shows and community outreach.  These items would represent the staple products that everyone in the company recognizes as approved branded material, like stationary or business cards.  Other than those few staples (and the word “few” is relative to the size and reach of the organization) all other logo items or premium appreciation gifts should be purchased with a fresh approach and aimed squarely at the audience it is intended for.

The brand identity is reinforced every time a logo product is received.  But to keep those product choices fresh, minimizing stock items in order to maximize the opportunity for new, creative ideas is a concept that should be considered the next time the company store merchandise selection is being refreshed.

(image via Smash&Peas)