Youth Doesn’t Care About Your Brand

Generally speaking, I think it’s safe to say that unless you’re sellling Apple products or Red Bull, most corporations need to be creative when marketing to youth. Building a social media presence isn’t enough to get the word out.  Every product being considered as a canvas for your brand should be carefully selected with the importance of the audience being second only to the reality of the budget.

With t-shirts being the 2nd most commonly owned promotional product, this relatively inexpensive give-away continues to be the “go-to” item for multiple types of corporate events. When a young audience is the target, a well-considered t-shirt that has the look and feel of their favorite retail brand is an item that will pay logo impression dividends many times over. The current color choices are endless; the fabric content varies from 100% cotton to moisture wicking performance polyester fabric; and – my personal favorite – the options for a fit that suits the younger market are amazing!  From men’s styles that are lean and long to ladies pieces that offer racer backs and youthful, flattering cuts, today’s choices for t-shirts are anything but boring.

If you want the youth to care about your brand, show them you “get it” with a shirt that reflects their style, not their father’s!

(Image via American Apparel)

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