Green Is The New Everything

Curious about what to look for when your company wants to integrate sustainable and strategic environmentally friendly products in your next marketing campaign?  You’re not alone!   When working towards promoting green awareness, while still striving for outstanding results from the promotion, it’s often difficult to sort through the often confusing world of “green” merchandise.  As a way to help with that effort, I’ve provided a few tips for sourcing those eco-responsible products.

  1. Biodegradable corn plastic:  Used for everything from pens to mugs.
  2. Solar-powered technology:  Provides energy for earth-friendly flashlights, calculators and more.
  3. Organic cotton, bamboo or hemp:   Makes apparel, tote bags and other products “green.”
  4. Recycled PET:   Transforms traditional polyester and plastics into environmentally correct choices for products like coolers, duffels and backpacks.
  5. Naturally appealing products like plant seedlings, seed packets and even imprinted walnuts provide a clever alternative to man-made promotional items.

With the thousands of earth-friendly product choices available today, successful marketing campaigns can also promote eco-action and green awareness.  If your return on investment is positive and your brand is associated with making a positive difference for our planet, where’s the downside?    With everything to gain, and nothing to lose, green really is the new everything!

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