Marketing To The Yogi

Fifteen million people practice yoga in the United States.  77.4% are college graduates and 44% earn more than $75,000 annually, with 24% earning more than $100,000 annually (  Considering the weight of these statistics, it seems likely that at some point some of the branded merchandise aimed at the corporate customers during any given campaign will end up in the hands of a yoga enthusiast.  So why not consider a marketing theme and associated products that are aimed directly at this health-conscious audience?

Offering a branded yoga mat, hydration bottle or bamboo towel as part of a wellness campaign, employee motivation program, or gift-with-purchase giveaway are all perfect opportunities to reinforce your company’s support of healthy lifestyle choices.  Presenting the gift in eco-friendly branded packaging materials maintains a consistent message that will radiate out to your audience. Even the most casual exercise buff will recognize the value of the gift, and associate the giver with positive feelings of health and well-being.

With the many health benefits that come with the bending, stretching and deep breathing exercises taught in every yoga class, it is likely that this ancient form of low impact exercise will continue to attract growing numbers of followers.  Marketing to those yogis may also help grow the corporate client base.

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