Summer Is Coming

coolerAlthough we are still battling winter, we buoy our spirits with the knowledge that before long summer will be here.  Before that happens, however, the saavy corporate buyer can take advantage of supplier price specials on summer items like t-shirts, sunscreen and coolers.  And, for an added bonus, the timing of these first quarter specials allows us to think ahead of the spring/summer corporate events, and take a little extra time to explore some of the exciting options for creative product branding.

For instance …

  • Coleman coolers can be decorated on every side, including the top of the lid, with the corporate colors, graphics and marketing message;
  • the right screen printer can turn a simple cotton t-shirt into a fashion statement with brand graphics as subtle, or bold, as the corporate advertising theme dictates;
  • and simple items like SPF15 lip balm, insulated beverage holders or acrylic sport bottles offer a logo billboard that has full color, full wrap decorating potential.

Creative graphics can be as basic as adding an all-over solid imprint matching the corporate logo color, and adding the logo on top.  To add a little more style, there are millions of professional photos and graphics available on various internet sites like Shutterstock for very low prices.  Or, in the case of companies with larger marketing departments, in-house graphic artists can create something completely original.

Taking advantage of price specials on the right product for the next event makes budget sense.  Working with your promotional products provider in March to brainstorm creative branding options for a gift-with-purchase program that launches in July, gives the process owner peace of mind, and the recipient a more exciting gift experience.

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