When It Comes To Branded Headwear, Think Beyond Twill

cable beanieWhile cotton and twill baseball caps have always been the “go to” choice when considering a hat for a branded giveaway, there are other styles and materials that should  be looked at when the cold weather hits.

Hats, as a category, enable advertisers to place their logo or marketing message in an ideal position for maximum exposure.  So why not take advantage of that exposure on hat styles that appeal to all ages and demographics?  There are fabrics that offer performance features like extra warmth or moisture wicking; and there are styles that appeal specifically to certain audiences, such as hunters, women, youth markets, golfers and sports enthusiasts.  A few examples:

  • Wool cable knit beanies come in a variety of styles from standard knit skull cap to those that offer ear flaps and pom poms.  They appeal to the youth market, outdoor enthusiasts and those who work outside.
  • Viscose wool herringbone newsboy caps are fashionable hats that never went out of style.  They can be seen on young professionals, corporate executives and youthful city dwellers.
  • Corduroy comes back every year in engineers caps, military caps and modified baseball caps.  These work best with the under-30 crowd, but depending on the cut and style, fashionable consumers of all ages would wear this comfy alternative.
  • Straw hats are available in classic men’s and ladies sun hats, fedoras, visors and cowboy hats.  For summer promotions, this is a popular choice with all age groups.
  • Microfiber caps offer breathability in the hot weather, and some styles are available with SPF ratings for sun protection.  Golfers and sports enthusiasts appreciate this popular cap choice in place of the many other twill caps they most certainly already own.

Depending on your audience and where the hat will be worn, thinking beyond the standard twill ball cap can set your brand apart from all the other companies that give away logo headwear.  Ask for choices – you’ll be surprised at the all the ways that branded hats can fit the bill!

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