Tee It Up!

tee3According to an industry poll, 44% of US consumers own a promotional t-shirt.  Surprised?  Probably not!  Considering how many tees most of us have stashed in our drawers at home, this statistic is probably not breaking news.  There are more fabric color choices than ever, with creative decoration options like sublimation, bleaching, all over screenprints, and metallic inks that allow for unique logo treatments for all types of brands.

But who should corporate marketers target with this ever-popular wardrobe staple?  Read on for the numbers that tell the story.

What age group is most likely to own a branded shirt?

  • 48%:  21 to 34 years old
  • 45%:  35 to 44 years old
  • 33%:  45 to 54 years old
  • 35%:  55+

Do Women or Men own the most promo shirts?

  • Men:  45%  Women:  40%

Of the twelve U.S. metro cities where people were polled, where are the residents most likely to own a promotional t-shirt?

  • Atlanta, Georgia:  46% vs 44% in the U.S.

Of the 21 international metro areas, where do consumers own the most branded shirts?

  • Rome, Italy:  53%

What racial demographic owns the most promotional t-shirts?

  • Latinos:  52%

Which voters are most likely to own a branded shirt?

  • Independent:  46%
  • Republicans:  41%
  • Democrats:  40%

T-shirts are an inexpensive giveaway that can carry a brand message in unlimited creative ways.  Young male consumers, in particular, are likely to continue wearing the shirt, but their appeal is broad and the high number of impressions captured from repeated exposure on the street, in the gym and around town makes it an easy choice for the investment.  Don’t overlook this seemingly common promotional giveaway for the next marketing event – the numbers will support your choice!

(Image via megbiram.com)

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