Work Up A Sweat – Or Not

sweatpantsEveryone – including you, your customers and your work associates – just want to be comfortable on their days off from work.  They don’t want to be sloppy or unkempt, just comfortable.  And they don’t want to throw away all sense of style when they work out at the gym, relax on the couch or walk the dog around the neighborhood.  They simply want to get out of those work clothes and settle in with a pair of sweatpants that matches the laid-back feeling of finally being home from work and ready to relax.

Considering the contentment that comes from that perfect pair of sweats, as a branded corporate giveaway, this cozy apparel choice is perfect for many types of occasions.  Sports events, golf tournaments and charity walks are the obvious choices.  But they are just as well-suited for a gift package given for a team-building exercise; as an item that’s included in the wellness packet that’s distributed to new employees; or as part of the travel kit in an incentive program. Everyone is a candidate for this easy-to-fit staple of the American wardrobe.

Of course, you still need to consider the audience when you choose the style.  From fitted, tapered legs to heavy fleece, there are style and color options to match any demographic.  Consider a few of the most popular choices:

  • Seeking warmth:  Heavy fleece with drawstring waistband, tapered leg and side pockets
  • Dressing up:  Wicking fabric with elastic waistband, open hem cuffs and fuller leg
  • Keeping it simple:  Cotton/poly fleece with elastic cuffs, drawstring waist and no pockets
  • Moving into spring:  Fleece shorts sized to hit at the knee with drawstring waist, and pockets at the side and back
  • Ladies only:  Poly/spandex fabric with flared legs, wide waistband and small waist stash pockets

Sweatpants are easy to decorate and the recipients are sure to wear them when they’re at their most comfortable.  That’s a great time to reinforce your brand and get extra points at the same time for contributing to their relaxation.  It’s time to consider the value of helping your audience “dress down”!