Branded Apparel With Attitude

hoodedDon’t expect your target customer audience to get excited about another shirt, hat or fleece that looks just like all the others in their closets.  Appreciative, yes – excited, no.  But with a little extra time and effort, your company can offer a clothing item that showcases your brand creativity and youthful attitude.

  • Fully customized hooded sweatshirts are a perfect cold weather item for young and old, male or female, regardless of industry.
  • Yoga leggings with custom waistband or all-over print are designed with relaxation in mind, and work well for women’s organizations, gyms or yoga studios.
  • All-over print t-shirts and jackets make a bold statement for corporate conferences, team events and trade shows.
  • Custom branded pockets on all types of t-shirts provides a single-location brand statement that pops off the garment.
  • Add subtle creative flair with a custom logo inside collar on 1/4 zip, 1/2 zip or full zip fleece.

Be bold, or remain understated – in either case the difference is clear when a custom branded apparel item stands out from the crowded field of embroidered or screen printed corporate clothing.  Showcase your brand attitude – it’s everything!

Are You Ready For Trade Show Season?

21531952January brings cold weather, another chance to make a New Year’s resolution that may last beyond February, and two of the most high profile trade shows in the country – The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and The International Auto Show in Detroit.  Besides giving us nerd-worthy gadgets and the newest trends in car design, those two shows remind us that trade show season is in full swing!  Are you ready?

One of the first things to consider when planning for an upcoming trade show is the signage.  Printed handouts and creative booth giveaways are normally front of mind, but banners, table covers and flags should also be refreshed occasionally for attention-grabbing exposure.  Consistent branding is crucial, but the vehicle for that branding should be crafted in a way that stands out, making it hard to ignore.

Whether your trade show is inside a convention center, or you are hosting a community event outside on the town square, there are several different options for promoting your brand and driving event attendees to your booth.

  • Retractable Banner Stands
  • Custom Inflatables
  • Event Tents
  • Stands and Displays
  • Advertising Flags
  • Promotional Seating
  • Custom Games
  • Indoor and Outdoor Displays
  • Table Covers and Runners

In 2016, start early and resolve to take a new approach to driving traffic to your trade show booth with creative banners, flags and tents.