Eat More Salad!

oil.vinegarAccording to Statistic Brain, the #1 New Years resolution in 2014 was losing weight – and coming in at #5 was staying fit and healthy.  With no reason to believe the 2015 resolutions will be much different than last year, it makes sense for corporate marketers to consider healthy food options for one or more of their 2015 promotional giveaways.  Either as a single gift, or as part of an ongoing campaign directly aimed at the consumer interest in staying healthy, it’s time to take a look at some of the healthy food choices that offer logo branding.

  1.  Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Set:  There are several choices, but one of my favorites is a set of bottles that are uniquely shaped to sit on top of each other.  The top bottle can be deep etched and hand painted with the corporate logo.
  2. Trail Mix:  With a variety of packaging options like cello bags, aluminum tins, tubes, and champagne bottles – all of which offer full color imprints – trail mix is an easy way to give a healthy snack in a quantity that fits either the trade-show crowd or your top customers.
  3. Clif Bar:  The Clif Bar is a widely recognized energy bar that provides organic snacking to your active audience.  With the option to offer a full color imprint on the outside of the wrapper, your company will get the credit for thinking of a convenient food gift that’s good for you.
  4. Organic Fruit & Foods:  Seasonal organic fruit and other organic foods like sparkling lemonade and hearty trail mix can be packaged in a variety of ways and delivered to your top customers or valued employees with a foil logo seal.  Your company’s focus on healthy eating for the entire family will be noted and appreciated.

Healthy food gifts are one of those well-considered promotional and incentive items that are gender-neutral and guaranteed to delight every recipient with a delicious start to the New Year. The next time you are considering a corporate giveaway, take some time with your promotional products provider to taste-test all the enticing food options – it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!



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