Trade Show Exhibit As A Marketing Tool

bannerOn average, an exhibitor has three seconds to communicate key brand messages to attendees on the trade show floor. This short timeframe makes having attention-grabbing trade show graphics a must.

In order to create an exhibit that works as a true marketing tool, your exhibit graphics should say who you are, what you do, and what is your benefit to prospects.  It needs to reflect your corporate personality.  When those points are clearly represented with bold inviting graphics, you’ll bring in more visitors – and more often those visitors will be qualified potential buyers.

Your exhibit also serves as more than a three-dimensional ad.  It’s a temporary workspace, filled with booth staffers there for hours or days, and visitors there for just a few minutes.  You can increase productivity by giving them enough space to work in, and by designing around their needs.  Those needs include meeting with prospects, demonstrating product and even storing their personal items.

When designing a booth display that will represent your brand personality, consider the following elements:

  • Table Cover or Runner
  • Retractable Floor and/or Tabletop Banners & Flags
  • Hanging Banner Display
  • Backlit Counter Kit
  • Tents, Inflatable Domes & Arches
  • Floor Display
  • Literature Display
  • Tablet & Monitor Stand
  • Inflatable Chair, Couch or Ottoman
  • Event Cooler
  • Carry Cases

Another thing to consider:  if your company is exhibiting in different markets, with the task of appealing to different demographics, many trade show exhibits are designed with the ability to change graphics. This flexibility makes it an inexpensive way to give your trade show exhibit an immediate makeover.

The 2018 trade show season will be in full swing in a few months.  Take the time now to evaluate your booth graphics and supplies.  Update and refresh your exhibit to reflect the energy of your company, and make it the best marketing tool in your box.

Think About The Box

tee box

When brainstorming new ideas, we’re told to “think outside the box”.  This basic premise for creative thinking assumes we should view the issue at hand more expansively. When the issue is the next corporate giveaway, the packaging that is used to deliver a gift, trade show giveaway or conference materials should be viewed with the same creative approach.

Packaging can be considered a silent salesperson, communicating feelings and information that can’t be delivered by just the branded product inside.  It can generate excitement and curiosity, creating buzz even before the box is opened.  A clever container with vivid graphics and brand-specific messages can be designed for nearly any item.  Food, apparel, print material, tech items, drinkware, writing instruments … the list of potential promotional gifts is long, and there are innovative box options for each.

Consider these inspired packaging picks – all available with custom graphics – for a branded item that may otherwise be familiar and forgettable.

  • Butterfly box:  top opens like butterfly wings and holds any small gift item (heart box is another option in this genre)
  • Milk carton box:  keeps cookies, nuts or candy in a box that dispenses as easily as morning milk
  • Single-serve coffee box:  this box is self-explanatory and perfect for a new employee welcome pack or hospital/student care package
  • Tool box:  provides an instant marketing message and can hold food, conference items, or (spoiler alert) tools
  • Bottle neck box:  slips around the neck of a bottle with a place to add another small gift item
  • Pyramid box:  build your argument with this distinctive shape even before the gift is revealed
  • Suitcase box:  fill this with travel essentials for the next sales incentive program

The choices are limited only by your imagination and creativity.  When thinking outside the box on your next marketing initiative, begin by thinking about that box!

(Image via Admints)