How Sweet It Is

candyThe holidays are a time of both nostalgia and looking ahead to a new year.  Combining longstanding favorite candy treats with creative branded packaging would be a sweet trade show giveaway, reception gift or appreciation token.

According to the National Confectioners Association (NCA), 85 percent of Americans say they will likely give someone the gift of sweet treats this holiday season.  And their favorite treat?  The NCA surveys indicate three out of four Americans say the traditional peppermint flavor candy cane is their favorite candy cane variety.  Beyond the classic candy cane, 36 percent of Americans prefer to find foil-wrapped chocolates included as part of a holiday gift.  Gummy bears, jelly beans and chocolate covered pretzels are also popular choices.

Corporate marketers don’t need to worry about size, age, gender, or religion.  Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or winter solstice, giving candy during the holidays is a tradition that everyone can agree on.


Enjoy The Holidays – Plan Early

plan“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  Benjamin Franklin   This quote could apply to just about anything – preparing for a college exam, an important job interview, or a new corporate product launch.  Planning takes time and more than one contributor to prepare for the desired end result, but the level of eventual success is nearly always in direct correlation to the amount of thoughtful planning at the beginning of the process.

In consideration of this fact, now is the time to begin planning for your holiday promotion.   With enough time, samples can be ordered and reviewed; custom pieces can be produced domestically or overseas; and print materials like personalized thank-you cards can be created.  You avoid product inventory shortages, holiday plant closures, and extended production times.  And then there’s the WOW factor!   Planning ahead provides time for consideration of unique gifts that will represent your brand in creative ways that rarely happens with a last-minute thought and rush ordering.

Some creative gift ideas and their lead times:

4 – 5 months:

  • Custom-built car, truck or plane with company markings and retail packaging
  • Tailor made clothing item like fleece jacket in corporate PMS color-matched fabric and contrasting zippers

2 – 3 months:

  • Game sets like bocce ball or horseshoes customized in the logo colors; or sport balls like baseballs with unique corporate images
  • Scarves or blankets with knit-in logo, lush fabrics and custom labels

30 days:

  • Custom cover, book jacket or promo page in any popular gift book (photography, architecture, travel, business, dining, etc)
  • Wood-carved items such as boxes, carving boards, and executive puzzles designed to reflect the corporate logo, truck fleet or city skyline

Regardless of the budget, there is a unique gift solution for every holiday promotion.   But the closer we get to that December ship date, the choices become more limited.  Plan early this year, and enjoy the holidays with less stress and increased client recognition of your creative thoughtfulness.