Earth Day, Arbor Day And Promoting Brand Awareness

treeAfter the madness of March ends, you will have two good reasons to start working on an eco-friendly giveaway that will increase your brand visibility with your audience in the month of April.  Earth Day is April 22 and Arbor Day is April 27 – both are annual celebrations that promote planet friendly practices.  Any company that supports the movement to protect our planet can drive more sales with customers who care about the environment and are seeking like-minded businesses.

In 2018, the Earth Day campaign is focusing on ending plastic pollution.  From poisoning marine life to littering our landscapes and clogging our landfills, the growth of plastics has become a threat to our planet.  This year’s campaign gives you easy and inexpensive ways to make a statement in support of that cause that will resonate with your audience.  A reusable grocery tote designed with creative logo graphics or constructed with custom colors will be appreciated and used.  A refillable water bottle with a carabiner clip will give your customers a reason to travel with their favorite beverage, and give up that disposable bottle.  With both options your logo will be seen in the grocery store, at the gym, on the streets and in the airport.  That’s ROI with every pair of eyes that sees it!

The everyday mission for the Arbor Day Foundation is to inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees.  Replanting forests, promoting urban community improvement through adding trees, and supporting healing after natural disasters by delivering new trees are major programs for the Foundation.  Many promotional products are well-suited to supporting these themes while increasing your brand awareness.  Live evergreen seedlings in a burlap sack; seeded paper in a variety of shapes that are planted to grow flowers; rain catchers for the back yard; or bamboo cutting boards for the kitchen are only a few examples.  And every item will remain a daily reminder of the products and services you offer.

You can choose products that are made of recyclable and natural materials, or items that promote a greener lifestyle.  Either way, by promoting and encouraging more eco-conscious habits, you appeal to the growing number of people who recognize the need for change, and support the companies that advocate for that change in the everyday ways they conduct business.



Brands Are Rolling With Bicycle Events

BicycleJersey_BJ01-2-1The history of bicycling has left many believing that it’s a sport limited to the very young or the super-fit.  But, in reality, the times are changing. More than 100 million Americans rode a bike in 2014, and bicycles have out-sold cars most years in the US since 2003.

For companies looking for an opportunity to reach the tech-savvy millennials who want to participate in, rather than just watch a sporting event, sponsoring a bicycle event is an increasingly wise choice.  Biking is a sport that combines social, environmental, and competitive aspects, which provides huge potential for promoting your brand.

Sponsoring a pro cycling team is one way to get involved.  According to a recent article in Business Insider, “… in terms of per dollar spent, pro cycling teams produce better quantitative global marketing metrics (impressions, views, audience size) and qualitative metrics (fan-to-brand loyalty) than any other single form of advertisement available, inside or outside of sports.”

However, absent of the marketing budget available to the corporate giants, a more budget-friendly way to reach this exploding market audience would be to sponsor a local charity bike ride.  T-shirts, jerseys or any of the many bike tools decorated with the company logo increases the brand exposure and hits home with the bikers as well as the spectators.

Spring has arrived – can bicycling be far behind?  Be ready and start planning for a corporate sponsorship that will keep your brand rolling!

On-Trend Promo Products – Metallics!

round power bankOne of the biggest 2018 trends in fashion and other industries is metallics.  As consumers are exposed to this trend in the retail environment in new and innovative products, the corporate customer will expect to receive promotional products that reflect that style direction.  Functionality and design are being paired together to elevate the expectations of product recipients, and organizations are poised to respond.

From fashion to tech accessories, bringing trendy shine to your next promotion is easy with metallic promotional products from several categories to choose from.  Let’s explore a few of the options.

  • Round Metallic Power Bank:  Disc shape and tech- friendly color palette make this a great choice for a tech giveaway.
  • Metallic Lip Balm Ball:  Made from natural beeswax and available in 3 colors – perfect for a unique gift that will be used in all seasons.
  • Metallic Non-Woven Shopper Tote:  Recyclable, reusable and great for any low-cost promotion with style in mind.
  • Metallic Neoprene Tech Taco:  A cord & cable organizer that’s easy to use – fold it around your cords like a taco, snap it shut and away you go!
  • Journal Notebook With Metallic Cover:  Metallic polyurethane cover gives this notebook a rich, high-quality look for a budget-conscious price.
  • Metallic Can Insulator:   Collapsible metallic neoprene keeps cans cold with style.

In 2018, you can select promotional items that will appeal to this generation of Millennials.  Products that are creative, unique, useful and on-trend – like metallics – will attract new customers and increase brand awareness.



Trade Show Exhibit As A Marketing Tool

bannerOn average, an exhibitor has three seconds to communicate key brand messages to attendees on the trade show floor. This short timeframe makes having attention-grabbing trade show graphics a must.

In order to create an exhibit that works as a true marketing tool, your exhibit graphics should say who you are, what you do, and what is your benefit to prospects.  It needs to reflect your corporate personality.  When those points are clearly represented with bold inviting graphics, you’ll bring in more visitors – and more often those visitors will be qualified potential buyers.

Your exhibit also serves as more than a three-dimensional ad.  It’s a temporary workspace, filled with booth staffers there for hours or days, and visitors there for just a few minutes.  You can increase productivity by giving them enough space to work in, and by designing around their needs.  Those needs include meeting with prospects, demonstrating product and even storing their personal items.

When designing a booth display that will represent your brand personality, consider the following elements:

  • Table Cover or Runner
  • Retractable Floor and/or Tabletop Banners & Flags
  • Hanging Banner Display
  • Backlit Counter Kit
  • Tents, Inflatable Domes & Arches
  • Floor Display
  • Literature Display
  • Tablet & Monitor Stand
  • Inflatable Chair, Couch or Ottoman
  • Event Cooler
  • Carry Cases

Another thing to consider:  if your company is exhibiting in different markets, with the task of appealing to different demographics, many trade show exhibits are designed with the ability to change graphics. This flexibility makes it an inexpensive way to give your trade show exhibit an immediate makeover.

The 2018 trade show season will be in full swing in a few months.  Take the time now to evaluate your booth graphics and supplies.  Update and refresh your exhibit to reflect the energy of your company, and make it the best marketing tool in your box.